Order is the shape upon which beauty depends.
Pearl S. Buck
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For Life Transitions

Change is inevitable. We will help you get through it.

There are several certainties in life. One of them is that nothing in life stays the same. A second is that change is inevitable. InPlace Organizing can help with everything from the anticipated arrival of a new baby, a child preparing to leave for college, or helping an elderly parent downsize for a major move to a retirement or assisted living community.

In Your Home

  • Identify workable space in your home for a relative who is aging or has special needs.
  • Set up a nursery or playroom for a new child.
  • Establish individual systems to keep financial, medical, school and extra-curricular activities in order for each new family member.
  • Facilitate the college process, including application, packing and dorm room organizational ideas.

Moving from Independent Living

  • Work with seniors/families/out-of-town relatives to downsize in preparation for a move to a retirement or assisted-living community.
  • Arrange for disposal of items no longer wanted/needed.
  • Assist in the packing and unpacking process.
  • Measure new living area to show seniors how to make the best use of their new space.
Ruth and Maggie are caring, compassionate and knowledgeable organizers who understood the importance of my aunt's possessions and the importance of a comfortable and efficient new place. My aunt couldn't have made this life change without them.     —D.T., Seekonk, MA