Don't agonize. Organize.
Florynce Rae Kennedy
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For Your Home or Business Office

If you need it organized, we will get it done.

Does your office feel messy and out of control to you? Do you have piles of paper that are waiting to be filed later - but later never comes? InPlace Organizing will help organize and de-clutter your home or business space. We have worked with many clients to get their office area in order by setting up systems for filing and paper management.

  • Reorganize and de-clutter your current workspace.
  • Repurpose under-utilized space for greater efficiency.
  • Create a system for optimum information flow.
  • Set up a filing system that will work for your specific business.
  • Demonstrate the most effective ways to manage delivered mail so important documents don't get lost.
  • Show you how to organize Internet mail so you never lose relevant correspondence or waste time looking for important messages.
  • Differentiate between daily access materials and long-term storage items, organizing both for faster retrieval.
  • Develop individualized systems to help maximize productivity.
Having our house organized by Ruth and Maggie was worth every penny we spent. It not only transformed our house but also our lives - we are not only free of years of accumulated junk but our minds are clear to move forward. Working with them was a surprisingly spiritual experience and we couldn't have asked for two nicer or less judgmental people to work with. A great experience in every way.     —Nancy, Brookline, MA