CHAOS: An acronym for Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome
Paul McFedries
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For Your Home

We'll put you in control of your stuff.

Things in life are continually changing and the same can be said for the belongings in our homes. It might be a closet that needs sorting and clearing out, an attic or basement that is loaded with forgotten items, or piles of paper that have accumulated over time. InPlace Organizing will work with you to help clear out the overflow and create a place for everything.

  • Clear out clutter from one room or the entire house.
  • Reorganize closet/cabinet space in bedrooms, kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Help optimize new uses for old spaces, for example, a nursery, home office, crafts room or special-needs area.
  • Reorganize and de-clutter attics, basements, garages.
  • Identify under-used spaces and create new storage solutions.
  • Establish individual systems to keep financial, medical, school and extra-curricular activities in order for each family member.
  • Point you to charitable organizations and resale opportunities for those things you are ready to relinquish.
  • Facilitate trash removal.
I resisted help for so long… it felt like my house was falling in on me. You embraced my struggle and my objects with great compassion and efficiency. It was a liberating process that took less time than I anticipated…I no longer feel guilty and housebound!     —M.G., Arlington, MA